The Lords of Dust

Tradegy in the Night


The companions meet the mysterious drow ranger, Zoot, in the Hockold commons room. First impressions seem to hint that he is a man of many connections in Cliffside.

Later, near the docks of Grayflood district, they encounter a planar jumping arachnid. After a quick exchange of blows, Syfin’s Mordenkrad crushes the chitinous carapace of the spider.

That night, Zoot and Drew meet with an informant of Zoot’s instruction and buy the name and location of an illegal arms dealer and fence in Ardev, several weeks travel north.

The group walks unhindered to the city of Galethspyre, but Syfin’s drug usage arouses the guard’s alert and they are chased out of town. After camping outside the walls the party continues north, they continue to the city of Ardev.

Benn and Drew track down the arms dealer, breaking through a locked door to find him hiding in his cramped room in the attic of a local inn. After a short scuffle, the last known location of the group’s quarry is revealed. They party leaves the shifty eyed man alive and continues to pursue the rebel group to the north.

During their second night on the road, the party is ambushed at night by a group of Kobolds armed with sling pots and heavy shields.

During the start of the assault Makeria dies from a stealthy kobold blade as she slept in the main tent. Another Kobold attacks Zoot, who’s anguished cries awaken the remaining members.

After two more waves of Kobolds, silence once more returns to the night and the party turns back to Galethspyre to hire an elemental carriage to take Makeria’s corpse back to Sharn to be revived. After some deliberation, the remainder of the party follows.



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